About GeoTools

Do you have the Equipment…? determines if you get the project or not.

We understand brand-new geophysical equipment is over-priced! and not easily affordable…

… the biggest barrier that hinders young Geophysicists practicing and small geophysical consultancies growing. . …. or worse still , that expensive investment may do 1 or 2 projects and hang on the shelves collecting dust for the rest of the year….tying-up your working capital.

More so, Geophysical consultancies are generally small companies usually punched between the uncertainties of wining projects, and low capital budgets to invest in purchasing new equipment. Many of their capabilities get narrowed to just a few geophysical methods they have equipment for! ……Trust me, I’ve lived the experience building a Geophysical company from bottom to Top for 19 years.

Affordability is our belief

This shaped our dream of making Geophysical equipment accessible, affordable and helping Geophysical consultants offer more and broaden-out their abilities without tying-up their working capital …

Hence the option of renting equipment and completing a project for a nominal fee just when you need it, or acquiring quality guaranteed Used equipment fully function for half the price.

Quality Affordable Equipment

With more than 70 Used equipment sold and over 200+ rentals across the world, GeoTools continues to focus on sourcing quality after-market equipment, testing, quality verification and availing it to more Geophysicists to complete projects.

We cover most Mineral exploration, Groundwater exploration and near-surface Engineering applications including: Ground Penetrating Radar GPR, Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT), magnetometers, seismographs, gamma ray spectrometers, EM sounding and profiling instruments Gravity meters and Concrete NDT systems.